Peregrine Falcons In The Quarry

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You may remember that back in June we were very excited to discover not 1 but 4 Peregrine Falcon Chicks in the Quarry. Irene O’Brien and the National Parks and Wildlife Service gave them a check up and ringed them.

We have an update on one of them!

She was picked up in Crossmolina a few weeks ago by local farmer Micheál Clarke with a wing injury and brought to the falconry at Mount Falcon Estate. Once Avian flu was ruled out, Fiadh, as she is now known, was examined by Sligo based vet Micheál Casey and found to have some muscle damage to her wing.

Details from the rings on the birds talons were sent to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) where District Conservation Office Irene O’Brien confirmed it was one of the chicks she had ringed in the Quarry this year

“The bird was one of four chicks born in a quarry in south Mayo and it’s exceptional to get a brood of that size,” Ms O’Brien said.’

Peregrines are such beautiful birds, and we’re delighted that her life was saved by all involved.

Fiadh is still not flying but is currently being well looked after by falconer Daniel Gibbons in the Mount Falcon Aviary.