National Liming Programme

Modern Farming

Did you know that a new National Liming Programme has been launched by the Government to help farmers offset part of the expense of using lime?

Lime is an important component of achieving balanced soil health, improving nutrient use efficiency and thereby reducing the requirements of chemical fertilisers and contributing to both climate and water targets. By having a balanced soil pH, we will reduce the need for artificial fertilisers which is good for the environment and good for the farmer’s pocket.

To take part in the scheme a farmer or his/her advisor will sign up to participate in the Liming Programme through, the Department’s online service by selecting the AgSchemes-Expression of Interest and then National Liming Programme 2023.

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    McGraths are one of the top producers of agricultural ground Limestone in the West Of Ireland with a TNV (Total Neutralisation Value) of 98.5% and ENV (Effective Neutralising Value) of up to 60%.

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