We operate a full traceability system.

McGraths Limestone operate to ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) and FEMAS standards at their production facility in Cong, Co Mayo.

We operate a full traceability system; recording date and exact location of rock blasting, rock removal, right through to production and on to customer delivery.

All blast/batch numbers can be traced back through GPS to the area of rock removed, and if need be testing can be done on this area to eliminate any further use. The material at the Cong Quarry is proven very consistent over the past 60 years and is also improving in quality with depth.

We are constantly striving and upgrading our traceability process.

  • GPS mapping is conducted & blast mapping traces the exact location of the raw rock product right through to the finished packaged or bulk calcium carbonate delivered to the customer
  • Full traceability on customer delivery dockets and product labeling
  • Large bulk orders always records the last 3 loads, to ensure there is no contamination and tankers are cleaned daily
  • HACCP plan is also in place ensuring CCP, CP’s and pre-requisite cleaning are carried out and documented