Case Studies

Recent Case Studies

N60 Castlebar Balla Road Improvement

A project comprising of an upgrade and realignment of the existing N60 National Secondary Route for a distance of approx. 1.4km.

N84 Realignment Scheme

A road improvement project that involved the road widening and realignment of approx. 1.9km of National Road, as well as the realignment of 3 Local Road Junctions and 2 New Junctions.

N59 Maam Cross

Upgrade of 5.2km stretch of road between Maam Cross and Bunnakill, Co Galway including single carriageway works, major junction realignments and associated works.

Oval Village, Kennington North London

Oval Village, located next to the famous Surrey Cricket Grounds, and built on the old Gas Works, is a new luxury development of 1300 homes, along with Retail, Food, and Office spaces.

Verdo, Kew Bridge EcoWorld Brentford, Cemfloor Level Plus

A luxury development of apartments, shops, restaurants, parks and offices situated next to Brentford Football Club in West London.

Capital Docks Dublin, 25000m² of Cemfloor

Capital Dock, a 22-storey mixed use development, including office blocks and residential areas, is in the vibrant Dublin Docklands and was developed by Kennedy Wilson.