Calcium Carbonates are vital to the construction industry worldwide, both as a building material, limestone aggregate and as an ingredient in various products. It is a natural mineral with a variety of unique characteristics which in turn lead to its variety of applications in the construction industry such as buildings, roads, civil engineering projects etc.

  • Self Compacting ConcreteCalcium Carbonate when added to concrete promotes self-compacting properties. The product has better workability, increased strength and improved appearance with a smoother surface.Flow Screed is designed for application for finishing flooring in residential and commercial projects, and intended for use in unbounded, bonded and floating construction. It has an excellent crushing resistant and has fibre reinforcements.
  • AsphaltCalcium Carbonate is used as a multi-purpose filler/anti-strip agent when added to hot rolled asphalt with various sands and gravels. It acts as a sand modifier to improve the resistance of the mixture and provide a consistent material that is easier to work with.
  • It can also be used in paving, renders, ceramics, specialist grouts and cement.

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