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Did you know that as well as our Head Office in Cong, Co Mayo, and our Quarry in Newbrook Co, Mayo which supply Concrete, Tar, Lime, Calcium Carbonates and Aggregates, we also have Supply and Manufacturing locations across Europe?

We supply our Calcium Carbonate product across the UK from our Port facility in Glasgow, Scotland, ensuring quick delivery times to our customers across the country. Our lime and feed-grade calcium powders are used by beef and dairy cattle farmers, and our grits are proven to increase the quality and strength of eggs

Further afield, we also supply our calcium carbonate products to Sweden and Estonia where they are used in a diverse range of products from glass manufacturing to the manufacture of plastics, rubber, paper, paint as well as in the steel, car, oil, and numerous other industries.


 In 2021, because of the continued growth of Cemfloor, we announced that our new UK based manufacturing facility was fully commissioned and operational in Buxton. This facility has gone from strength to strength and has enabled us to meet the demands of our current and future customers of today and for years to come. The plant is in close proximity to main distribution routes, with delivery time greatly reduced.