Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt Concrete or also known as Bitumen Macadam is a composite material commonly used on heavy duty road surfaces such as motorways, national and public roads, car parks and driveways.


It is made up of aggregates, filler and bitumen bound together laid in layers and compacted. It can be classified into three main layer categories: Base, Binder and Surface Course. McGraths offer a superior quality asphalt concrete produced at our state of the art facility in Cong, Co Mayo.

All our products have CE marking and are certified to ISO I.S. EN 13108.

  • McGraths of Cong have been a supplier to Michael O Malley Tarmacadam Contractors Ltd for a long number of years.  We can only praise their professional , prompt and courteous service.  The quality of their product is outstanding and can be seen in many of our pavement overlay contracts around Mayo and Galway

    Michael O’Malley Tarmacadam Contractors Ltd

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