Super P Cubicle Lime

High Purity Calcium Carbonates with Added Hydrated Lime and Pine Disinfectant

Farmcal Super P Hydrated Blend Cubicle Lime with added pine disinfectants is for use in livestock stalls. It is designed to provide high levels of protection against bacteria. The blend of high calcium limestone and hydrated lime with added pine disinfectant will inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, will aid the prevention of environmental mastitis whilst raising the PH value of farm effluents.

  • Added pine disinfectant for max killing power
  • Fresh pine smell


  • Helps to protect the herd from disease and infection
  • Ready made blend for immediate use no mixing required
  • Can help prevent environmental mastitis
  • Hydrated content boosts bacteria kill
  • Significantly raised pH value of farm effluents
  • Labour saving (less stall maintenance)
  • Highly absorbent
  • Available in 1 tonne bulk and 25kg bag
  • Additional value as a source of lime when spreading