Slurrycal Conc.

Slurrycal is a dual purpose high ph lime blend for use in cubicles and livestock stalls. it is designed to provide high levels of protection against disease-causing bacteria in the cubicle and uniquely enhance the slurry.

Slurrycal CONC is a slurry enhancer for incorporation directly into slatted tanks, outdoor stores and lagoons.

Slurrycal CONC has been developed in conjunction with several international technology companies to help farmers make maximum use of the nutrients available in slurry whilst minimising the work associated with slurry handling and agitation.


• Creates a homogenous slurry
• Reduction in odours
• Breakdown and prevention of crusting
• Increased fertiliser value of slurry – mostly nitrogen and slurry
• Reduction in agitation costs
• Promotes aerobic environment within slurry
• High pH helps protect animals from disease and infection


Slurrycal CONC contains a proprietary blend of materials and trace elements that, when combined and added to slurry, encourage the growth of aerobic micro organisms. These aerobic micro organisms, bacteria, benficial moulds, and micro algae become the predominant microbe and facilitate aerobic activity within the slurry – it becomes an oxygen rich slurry.

The microbes have various roles in minimising the breakdown of nutrients and converting them into forms which are more plant available and less susceptible to loss through volatisation and leaching.

  • “Our milk solids sold per cow to September 30th has increased over 7% with 2 less cows than last year. This was achieved with no increase in meal fed and a decrease in nitrogen use. Slurrycal is helping in that nitrogen reduction. We are seeing a better response to slurry in terms of grass growth and a marked increase in clover in our fields; in some cases where clover had all but disappeared from paddocks. The power in the slurry is allowing us to reduce our chemical nitrogen use which encourages clover growth and the cows are responding in the milk tank I am very impressed with Slurrycal and am delighted that we made the switch to it.”

    John Joe O’Sullivan

    Dairy Farmer