Enjoy Your Home Sooner With The Hassle-Free Screed

Domestic Floor Screeding

Cemfloor is the high-performance liquid screed that is quick to lay, dry and cure. Suitable for a variety of applications, it is only installed by fully approved and trained applicators ensuring quality is never compromised

The cement-based screed offers a self-compacting and free-flowing solution that speeds up projects for construction professionals. With a tailored range covering everything from underfloor heating capabilities to thin-section screed, Cemfloor is certified and trusted, no matter the project.

Cemfloor is the liquid screed that works for you, not against you. Quick-drying, self-levelling and fully compatible with underfloor heating systems, your home renovation just got easier.

  • Ready for foot traffic in just 24 hours 
  • Self-levelling and doesn’t require laitance removal
  • Perfect for underfloor heating; due to very thin depths and high thermal conductivity
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The ideal properties of a domestic floor screeding is a solution that is easy and fast to install, saving you valuable time on site. A product that is based on Cement and therefore has none of the concerns inherent with other flowing screeds, will require no special measures before applying the adhesives or floor finishes. So you can get the job done quicker without having to wait around for the screed to dry.

The flowing properties of Cemfloor’s domestic floor screeding make it the ideal solution for the domestic floor market. It is simple to use alongside various floor coverings and has a high thermal performance when combined with under floor heating. And as an added bonus, a Cemfloor domestic screed would only need to be a minimum 35mm thickness for domestic application. This is what makes it a relatively quick drying screed when compared to other flowing or “ordinary” screed materials.

Benefits of Cemfloor Cement-Based Liquid Screed

Can be foot trafficked in 24 hours

Faster installation and reduced drying time means you can continue your renovations without unnecessary delays.

Save money on your energy bills

By fully encapsulating underfloor heating pipework, Cemfloor achieves maximum heat transfer from pipework to screed.

Simpler installation process

By being quick to install, self-levelling and no need for laitance removal after installation – When it’s laid, it’s done.

Compatible with all standard floor coverings

Including tiles, carpets and timber floors.

Compatible with all types of floor adhesives

Adhesives can be applied directly to the hardened screed surface.


And only requires gentle dabbling to achieve necessary smooth surface finish.

2000 square metres can be laid per day

Making installation up to 10 x faster than conventional floor screed.

Reduced screed depths

Meaning less product is required, which results in cost savings and lower embodied CO2.

Less labour intensive for installers

Easier to apply, less strain on body, meaning fewer health & safety risks.

No surface laitance

So, no need to sand the hardened surface.

UKCA and CE marked

In accordance with BSEN 13813:2002