Slurrycal is a dual purpose high ph lime blend for use in cubicles and livestock stalls. It is designed to provide high levels of protection against disease-causing bacteria in the cubicle and uniquely enhance the slurry.

Slurrycal has been developed in conjunction with several international technology companies to enhance the slurry when it is brushed down and mixed into the slurry tank/store.

Benefits of Slurrycal

• Creates a homogenous slurry
• Reduction in odours
• Breakdown and prevention of crusting
• Increased fertiliser value of slurry
• Reduction in agitation costs
• Promotes aerobic environment within slurry
• High pH helps protect animals from disease and infection

  • I have been a customer of McGraths since I took over the family farm in 2001, as was my father before me. They have supplied me with aggregates, gravel and concrete for all my farm buildings. I have also used their Grolime to maintain correct pH levels, due to their unique location their lime is of a very high standard. In recent years I have been using their Farmcal and Slurrycal cubicle limes. I find that they maintain cows teats in excellent condition and help to produce high quality milk throughout the housing period. I also find they produce very little dust by comparison to other products on the market. McGraths have a thorough knowledge of all the products they supply and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other farmers.

    Martin Jennings Dairy Farmer, Co. Mayo
  • At first I was sceptical of the benefits of using Slurrycal but the agitation of the slurry tank in March told its own story. Normally agitation would take 2 – 3 hours from two external points; this year after using Slurrycal the tank was fully agitated after 30 minutes from one agitation point only! That saving in agitation cost and hassle alone makes slurrycal worthwhile for me. The slurry was spread after 1st cut silage and the 1st load out of the tank was the same as the last load- all liquid and consistent. There was no residue left on the grass as it spread evenly and was easily washed into the soil

    Richard Savage 150 Herd Dairy Farmer, Co Cork

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