The best insulating EPS cement-bonded floor insulation system in the world.

Aeromix is an innovative new flooring insulation system that delivers a high-quality product for sustainable insulation solutions. A composite insulation layer that consists of a mixture of 3 different components, it is ideal for underfloor heating systems, easy to apply and level, and only installed by approved and trained installers.

It has an insulation value of 0.037 W/mK u,i. and is certified by European Assessment ETA 21/0579 of 19/10/2021.

Composite insulation layer that consists of a mixture of 3 different components. It is known in the industry as exceptional EPS cement-bonded floor insulation system.


  • Ideal for underfloor heating and tacker situations
  • Easy to apply and level
  • Ecological, low cement consumption
  • Improve strength in the early stages
  • Increase the workability
  • Improve the stability of the aggregates and flow
  • Reduce segregation, bleeding and cracks
  • Reduce the sagging flow


  • Thermal conductivity ( λ ) : 0,037 W/m²K
  • Sound reduction : 19 dB
  • Compr. Strength : 137 kPa at 6,6%
  • Density : 93 kg / m³
  • Installation : 950 m² / day
  • CO2 : 80 Kg / m³
  • Drying time / accessibility : 3 – 5 days

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