4391_5151201700949870431_nLiquid Lime is a new innovative and exciting way to apply fine particle lime and nitrogen together at the same time, and is big news in the farming industry. New Zealand based Tow & Fert has introduced the Multi 1200 liquid fertiliser machine to the agricultural market.

 We recently attended two demonstrations on the farms of Jimmy Egan, Co Mayo & Edward Caffrey, Co Sligo showcasing the machine and its positive results.

We have formulating a product specifically for use with the Tow & Fert machine, it is a super fine powder lime and has a TNV (total neutralizing value) of 115. This allows users to achieve the same results with one tonne of super fine lime as they would with 10 tonne of traditional grolime. For more information go to Tow & Fert Ireland.

 Read or download the full article below in Farmer’s Journal this week.












































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