CemfloorCemfloor is a specially formulated Liquid Screed

that is used to create self-levelling, cementitious floor screeds. 

With the addition of Cemfloor the screed’s performance is increased significantly and can be applied to a wide range of floors. Cemfloor binder is simply mixed with cement, water, and a suitable sand to create a high-performance screed which complies with EN 13813.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds
  • Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.1%)
  • Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2)
  • Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours
  • Exceptional Thermal Conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k)*
  • Can be applied in wet areas
  • Reduced drying times of 14-28 days. (Depending on drying conditions and floor coverings)
  • Self-compacting – no voids around under floor heating pipes.
  • No risk of contamination at concrete mixing plants
  • No Surface Latiance (Dust) after curing
  • Easy Installation (Reduces time & costs)

* According to Avis Technique CSTB No.EMI 14-26051749

  • I have worked in conjunction with McGraths Limestone for over 10 years installing FlowScreed liquid concrete for finished floors in commercial and residential premises supplying local builders and self builds in the Mayo/Galway area. During this time I have found their service to be second to none. Their staff including drivers, dispatch office and quality control team are well organised, very professional, facilitating and nothing is a problem on site. Deliveries are prompt and nine times out of ten they on time. Quality is of great importance to my business and McGraths material testing lab have always dealt with an issues I have encountered. We have recently collaborated on a new fast drying screed binder Cemfloor and the first 12 months have been a great success and our customers are very happy. I look forward to working with McGraths Limestone in the future!

    Gerry Murphy Cemfloor Fast Drying Liquid Screed Contractor
  • CES Quarry Products Ltd have been manufacturing concrete products and floor screeds for over 60 years in Northern Ireland.

    "For most of this time our volume product has been semi-dry cement screeds. Although the semi-dry cement screed is labour intensive to lay, it is a safe, reliable product, with no compatibility problems or long term quality issues. Then, when calcium sulphate liquid screed (hemihydrate & anhydrite) was brought to the market, offering a fast track screed system, we like the rest of the screed producers started to manufacture it to hold market share. We have many years’ experience supplying and fitting calcium sulphate screeds and have been very diligent dealing with its incompatibles and cross contamination issues. Still we had our problems and when we heard about a new cement based liquid screed (Cemfloor) we were keen to explore its capabilities.   We were invited by McGraths to see the product being installed and to see a few installations that had been completed in 3-4 weeks. I have to admit once we seen Cemfloor being laid and the finished product, we got very excited.   With Cemfloor we are now fully meeting our customers’ floor screed needs without compromise, with no restrictions on where it can be laid! It is not only perfect for underfloor heating systems, it is a real hit in the commercial market for its speed of application. Due to its compatibility with, d.p.m.s, adhesives and levelling compounds, without the fear of bonding failures, it puts the control back in the hands of the contractor. Also, no short term or long moisture problems. Cemfloor has already become a fantastic asset for our business and is truly meeting the needs of our domestic and commercial floor screed customers."

    Ronnie Stevenson CES Quarry Products Ltd

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