Grolime FAQ

How do I determine the correct quantity of Grolime required for my land to correct the pH?

We recommend you get your soil tested regularly and use the most recent soil test results for recommended rates of Grolime. Soil test results also gives additional information on the N, P & K required.

What is maximum rate of Grolime in a single application?

Apply the maximum of 7.5t/ha (3.0t/ac). Where more Grolime is recommended, apply the balance after two years.

Can slurry and Grolime be applied at the same time?

Firstly, applied Grolime can increase the loss of N to the air after slurry application. If slurry is first applied, leave a week before spreading Grolime. If lime has been applied, avoid slurry application for 3 months (the same rule of thumb applied to urea N fertiliser).

Will liming of acidic soils increase the release of soil N?

Yes, an equivalent of up to 80kgN/ha will be released for several years.

What effect will Grolime have on soil P levels on acidic soils (pH 5.0 to 6.0)?

Liming acidic soils will increase the availability  of P for the plant uptake.

How long will it take Grolime to work?

Fine ground limestone (35%) will work relatively fast. Coarse lime particles will react a lot slower and may take a number of years to have an effect, or may not ever disintegrate and have any effect on the soil.

How long should I leave between spreading 10-10-20 or CAN and Grolime?

There is no need to leave a gap with CAN or N P K compounds.

What is the target pH for grassland where my land is in a high molybdenum (Mo) area?

Maintain a soil pH of 6.2 on these soils.

When is the best time to apply Grolime?

Grolime can be applied any time of the year if the soil conditions allow.

When is the best time to apply Grolime to fields targeting for reseeding?

Ideally, apply Grolime as recommended on the soil test report. Alternatively, apply Grolime when you are reseeding and incorporate into the seedbed before sowing.

Will Grolime harm my cattle or sheep?

Once Grolime is washed into the soil, it poses no risk. Slight tainting to the grass leaves during dry conditions may cause slight scouring.

A large quantity of Grolime can be very costly. How can I spread the cost?

A  farm should be divided into different areas and Grolime application should be rotated  on each area roughly every 3-5 years, thus spreading the cost on a yearly basis.

  • I have been a customer of McGraths since I took over the family farm in 2001, as was my father before me. They have supplied me with aggregates, gravel and concrete for all my farm buildings. I have also used their Grolime to maintain correct pH levels, due to their unique location their lime is of a very high standard. In recent years I have been using their Farmcal and Slurrycal cubicle limes. I find that they maintain cows teats in excellent condition and help to produce high quality milk throughout the housing period. I also find they produce very little dust by comparison to other products on the market. McGraths have a thorough knowledge of all the products they supply and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other farmers.

    Martin Jennings Dairy Farmer, Co. Mayo
  • Paddy Farragher has being running an agricultural contracting business for over 52 years and he has being an agent for McGraths since the 1970's delivering and spreading McGraths Grolime in many areas of south Mayo and north Galway.

    "The farmers we deal with who spread McGraths Grolime find a significant improvement in their pasture. There are several key reasons for this- McGraths Grolime is a quality product which tests have shown improve fertilizer availability to the crop. It also improves the root structure of the plant, the drainage and aeration in a well limed soil is better due to more earthworm activity, but more importantly it is the unique fine texture of McGraths Grolime that contributes highly to positive results for farmers. I have working with McGraths over many decades and together we have delivered a prompt and reliable service and have built up a relationship and reputation with many satisfied customers "


    Paddy Farragher Agricultural Contractor

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